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Shoring Solutions in Monaco

MCM Echafaudage specializes in shoring solutions for civil engineering and commercial applications near La Trinité.

Established in 1982, we cater to the requirements of professionals, individuals and municipalities in many departments of France. 

Our shoring services

In addition to conventional scaffolding,  MCM Echafaudage also sells, rents, installs and dismantles a complete range of shoring components. Whether you need something to support a bridge or podium, we have the equipment you need. Contact us for technical solutions that meet your requirements, whatever the specifications of your load-bearing structure and project site. Depending on your needs, we apply the appropriate methods to ensure that the support system covers all of its functions, including safety and manoeuvrability.

We tailor our shoring solutions to the needs of our clients

Shoring Solutions Nice
Shoring Solutions Nice

Proven technical expertise

MCM Echafaudage has been providing shoring services for 35 years. Drawing on this experience, we guarantee a service that meets your expectations. We know how to meet your project requirements, from initial study to project completion. With us, you will be dealing with a team that is very attentive, reactive, methodical and meticulous in its interventions. Count on us to provide you with expert assistance every step of the way. 

Your satisfaction is our priority


What we do:

  • Determine loads the system has to withstand
  • Study the support system
  • Choose the right equipment
  • Tailor our services to your shoring requirements

We have the resources and expertise to meet your project requirements!


1 rue du Gabian - Le Thalès

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